Introducing NedGraphics Tuft Tiling Pro™!

Creating tiled simulations with your tuft designs is faster and easier than ever with NedGraphics’ Tuft Tiling ProTM, an advanced version of the Tuft TilingTM plug-in for Tuft EnterpriseTM with new and improved features. You can now create rectangular as well as square tile layout simulations, work in full screen mode, and save and export the tiled simulation layout in high resolution formats.

Create and save tile measurement presets for quick selection of your most common tile preferences, then design different tile layouts using the drag-and-drop function, update the tile sizes, and change the number and orientation of tiles.

Use the update and auto-update options to refresh your tile simulation and view your changes directly within the plug-in. Save and export the simulation in high quality resolution as a JPEG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, or PNG and view it in full-screen, high-resolution quality. Open and modify your saved tile layouts, to save time from having to re-create a new layout each time.

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