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Introducing NedGraphics Simulation Server™!

Save time and be more productive using NedGraphics Simulation Server™, a new program that processes and manages all your Jacquard Enterprise Product Creator™ and Tuft Enterprise™ simulations in one place. 
Simulations often require powerful machines with high-quality graphic cards and extra RAM and can utilize significant resources on your computer while they process, preventing you from working on another project. Managing simulations from a single, powerful main server station offloads the processing of simulations, therefore saving you time and allowing you and other designers to be more productive.
Open Simulation Server™ directly within NedGraphics Jacquard Enterprise Product Creator ™ or Tuft Enterprise™ by clicking the new “simulate on server” button. Select your simulation settings and then send the simulation job to the server. When you open the Simulation Server™ window, you’ll see the file name, time sent to server, job status, and how long the simulation took to process once it’s done.
Use Simulation Server™ to prioritize and queue simulation jobs to ensure your most important simulations are completed first. There is no need to configure your simulation settings again, because all settings and details are sent to the server with the job.

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