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Introducing NedGraphics Print Server™!

NedGraphics Print Server is a print job queue management application that works with most NedGraphicsTM programs. Print server allows users to output files from multiple stations by processing them as jobs while routing and prioritizing to multiple printers.

Print ServerTM allows you view details such as the time sent to print, current status, printer state, and file format. The centralized queue addresses multiple print stations at once, allowing you to rearrange or queue jobs across various printers before beginning to print.

Print ServerTM catches potential errors in color profiling as it processes jobs, giving you the opportunity to avoid issues ahead of time. Print ServerTM is hosted on a single station with all your approved color calibration profiles enabled, allowing for much simpler color management even between printouts sent from multiple programs. If an error occurs, you can troubleshoot on a single station, which makes solving any color issues quick and efficient.

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